If your data contains text and you want to have interesting visualization out of your data. Instead of showing it in graphs (bar/line) which are not strongly associated with the idea of text analysis. It is way better and interesting to apply Wordcloud.

Image by Dallas Reedy on unsplash.com

This tutorial is here to give you a simple and easy way to visualize your text data using Wordcloud in Python.

Firstly, this is a list of tools and packages you need:

from wordcloud import WordCloud
from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Why we need such packages?

Wordcloud: to generate from the text the image in the form of wordcloud.

PIL .. image: your Python now can open and read the file in the form of an image (.jpg, or .png).

Numpy and pandas are there as we need to use them to process our data.

Matplotlib for visualization display.

Our data

You have dataset and load it to pandas data frame. I take 1 example which is the dataset from Kaggle. Our data will look like in the…

Content creators who are evolving every day to create better content, but why your view count is still low? How to improve it? Or new YouTubers join the stream but do not know where to start to have high views. This article is designed for you.

Previously published “Finland on YouTube 2020”, I made an analysis for audiences who care about Finland. In this article, I want to deliver a meaningful product for businesses, helping content creators increase views for their videos by harvesting insights from data.

What content creators made vs What the audiences actually cared?

Visual by author

As video’s category (video’s theme) plays a super important role…

Are you curious about Finland? Do you care about how Finland appears on YouTube in 2020? This analysis is based on >2K videos about Finland published on YouTube in 2020.

Photo by Author

At the year-end, I was thinking about how to use API and Data Analysis to produce meaningful products. It’s time to write about news for Finland in the new year 2021.

To provide justification, I would like to give information about the dataset. This article is the result of my project to collect 2240 videos published on YouTube in 2020 by using the API. …

How many times did you get confused with datetime data? Have you been struggling too much every time data appears and you rigorously search on Google to find a solution or post your question on StackOverflow? The idea of this review is to provide a useful list of the frequently appeared issues with datetime. A gift for the new year 2021, working faster and with fewer problems.

Image by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Year-end 2020, I am thinking about what is worth reviewing. There is not much confusion to say about integer, float, text, but datetime data is like a frog or an ocean with so…

__I started from zero, and this is my sharing about learning to code__

Image from Giu Vicente on Unsplash

In the midst of choosing the title for my first story, I remember the feeling of the American TV Series “So You Think You Can Dance”. The feeling of this TV Series is exactly the feeling I want to bring up here about the track of learning to code. There is no limit if you really want to do something.


Let me introduce myself to you. My background to start with coding is low. I actually come from a background of…

Thuong Nguyen

I am Data Analyst and interested in logical thinking, technology & programming.

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