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Are you curious about Finland? Do you care about how Finland appears on YouTube in 2020? This analysis is based on >2K videos about Finland published on YouTube in 2020.

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At the year-end, I was thinking about how to use API and Data Analysis to produce meaningful products. It’s time to write about news for Finland in the new year 2021.

To provide justification, I would like to give information about the dataset. This article is the result of my project to collect 2240 videos published on YouTube in 2020 by using the API. After inspecting and testing, I found that the best and highest reliable method to select data that truly reflect YouTube about Finland in 2020 is to catch the videos published in 2020 that have “Finland” in their title.

Basing on the dataset, two analyses are conducted. The first analysis is designed for people to gain insights into Finland on YouTube 2020, and the second part is for YouTube content creators which will be published later. This article is written on the basis of the first part of the analysis in my project.

The fun facts of Finland on YouTube 2020 via The top 10 list.

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If you look for typical videos about Finland in 2020, this section can suggest you top 10 videos in which you can see the information of view count, like/dislike count.

In the top 10 videos by view count, you can look for the positive (high like count) videos such as “Amazing Facts about Finland in Hindi”, “Prisoners in Finland…”, “Why Finland and Denmark Are Happier Than the US”.

If you look within the top 10 videos for the most controversial ones: “Tom of Finland” and “Creativity Reaches New Limits…”, because like and dislike counts are close to each other.

How the world was viewing Finland in 2020: something that talks about Finland in Hindi, LGBT, Prison, and then Happiness in comparison with the US. Really! Can I put this in #veryFinnishProblem site !

On YouTube, the comment count is an important factor to express the high level of engagement people having with a video. Hence, the top 10 videos by comment count are displayed in the below visualization.

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Top 10 by comment count reveals which videos about Finland are discussed loudly or received attention in the youTube communities in the year 2020.

“Prisoners in Finland…” is the boldest one, followed by “Why Finland and Denmark Are Happier…”, and then “1955 High School Exchange…”

It would make sense to look for the category of top 10 videos by comments. In the graph, different colors represent different categories. To this point, we can see somewhat relevance between the content category and level of discussion (express by colors in the graph). The most often discussed videos belong to News & Politics, then Education, Gaming, and finally other categories.

Which countries care about Finland?

The dataset is rich, so I would like to explore it with a bit of curiosity. Not just about the top 10, the data can give us the answer to the interesting question: Which countries made videos about Finland in 2020 on YouTube?

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The map plot is used to illustrate the origins of videos about Finland in 2020 on YouTube. The size of the purple represents the total number of videos posted from a country (country of video’s origin).

According to Trump “America first”, but according to the data of this report, I am happy to announce that “Finland first, America second, UK third, and India fourth”.

From the big picture, many countries made videos about Finland, so the world does care about Finland. Even in Vietnam where I was born. : )

How does the YouTube world talk about Finland?

Using sentiment analysis can help us to understand the emotional side of the text. I use Textblob, an AI method, to analyze all >2K videos’ titles. Here is the result.

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Finland appears to be ‘neutral’ on YouTube, with the ‘positive’ side higher than the ‘negative’ one. Congrats!

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Content creators tend to talk about Finland in an objective (fact-base) manner more than objectivity.


Long analysis quizzes to short, >2000 videos about Finland published in 2020 on YouTube reveal interesting facts. The analysis gives you a recommendation list of the top 10 videos, main categories of videos, a map of videos’ origin, how people are describing Finland. On Youtube 2020, Finland is perceived as a neutral, fact-based image with an emphasis on “News & Politics”, “Education”.

It may sound strange as the strangeness of Finland. As I live here, I do see that “Prison” in common sense is a negative thing, but in Finland, it could be positive of how ethical this country tries to orient people.

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