How to increase views on YouTube? Data Analysis on “Finland” videos 2020 for content creators

Content creators who are evolving every day to create better content, but why your view count is still low? How to improve it? Or new YouTubers join the stream but do not know where to start to have high views. This article is designed for you.

Previously published “Finland on YouTube 2020”, I made an analysis for audiences who care about Finland. In this article, I want to deliver a meaningful product for businesses, helping content creators increase views for their videos by harvesting insights from data.

What content creators made vs What the audiences actually cared?

As video’s category (video’s theme) plays a super important role in deciding how your video appears and queuing up on YouTube playlist. It is useful to look into this analysis by categories.

The data tells us:

  • The dominators of YouTube Finland market 2020 belongs to People & Blogs, followed by Travel & Events, Sports, Entertainment.
  • However, audiences actually watched the top 4 from the highest view order: Education, News & Politics, Entertainment, Film & Animation. What’s a surprise! 💥


Keep going on with:

  • 😀Entertainment

Switch focus to:

  • 👉News & Politics
  • 👉Education
  • 👉Film & Animation

What is the best day of a week to post?

According to our data, the highest view count videos are on Saturday, Tuesday. Would you consider publishing your videos on Saturday or Tuesday?

What is the best hour of a day to post?

Knowing which day to post is good, but knowing which hour to post is even better. Our data suggest several posting time slots:

  • 15:00–15:59
  • 17:00–17:59
  • 2:00–2:59
  • 11:00–11:59

Note that the hour in this report is UTC time. If you are in Finland now, +2 hours more.

Top tags to increase the visibility of your videos in search engine

Basing on our dataset >2000 videos, we have a picture of how the tags are used. I use WordCloud to visualize, so the more often used tags will appear bigger in the photo.

Some top tags can be taken into consideration while posting your videos: #finland #helsinki #finnish #new

If you are a starter, what to expect?

Depending on the content category you create your video, you can expect the view count of your video from minimum, mean (average), to the maximum.

Thinking about networking?

If you think about networking with the top subscribed channels of the same area of interest with your channel, recommendations of top channels are available on the above graph.

Bonus customized tool to explore data on your own 😺

After publishing a video, how is the view count on average? The visual provides you two customized options:

  • Click in the top left of the chart to choose: 1m (one month backward from 29 Dec 2020), 6m(6 months), all (whole year).
  • Manually drag the begin and end bar of the bottom customized time period bar as you wish.


At this point, congratulations ✨you hold in your hand many tips of how to increase views for your YouTube video:

  • What themes are good choices
  • Best time to publish your video
  • Names of channels to network with
  • Top tags to attach with your video
  • How many views can you expect as a starter
  • A customize tool to explore

Quite a lot in the basket now, I hope you harvest well in 2021 with your YouTube channel. 🌾 🌼


To provide justification, I would like to give information about the dataset. This article is the result of my project to collect 2240 videos published on YouTube in 2020 by using the API. After inspecting and testing, I found that the best and highest reliable method to select data that truly reflect YouTube about Finland in 2020 is to catch the videos published in 2020 that have “Finland” in their title.

For technical interest (dataset & code), visit my GitHub link:

To have better visualization on this article, thanks to Khuyen Tran for her tips on How to Embed Interactive Charts…

About the author

I am a Data Analyst, MSc Degree graduate in Economics. I am passionate about turning Data into meaningful products. Currently, I am studying Data Science and Machine Learning while self-creating new products.

Writing is one of the stations where I want to bring out meaningful products by helping people with interesting tips, harvesting interesting insights via data exploration.

I am Data Analyst and interested in logical thinking, technology & programming.

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